Nordic larp wikiThe Nordic larp wiki is excellent starting point for all things Nordic larp.

Nordic larp talksA series of thought-provoking presentations from some of the foremost names in Nordic larp.

Story GamesThe Story Games forums are a great place to go for game design advice and vibrant discussion about story games.

The ForgeBefore story games were invented, there were indie games, and The Forge is where they lived.

Lizzie StarkLizzie Stark posts insightful articles about Nordic larp and American freeform.

anywayD. Vincent Baker has an archive full of fascinating design posts.

Larps from the Factory logoA brilliant source for runnable-out-of-the-box Nordic larp scripts, workshop videos and larp script writing techniques.

Norwegian StyleNorwegian Style – a blog about Norwegian larps and the design thereof, featuring the scripting talents of Matthijs Holter along with others.

AlexandraAlexnadria.dk – A Danish pen-and-paper roleplaying site, listing several thousand authors and scenarios (in Danish), and also featuring a number of downloadable Fastaval larps in English.

Chamber gamesChamber games – An initiative by Tor Kjetil Edland, Arvid Falch, Erling Rognli and Even Tømte featuring a number of downloadable larps.

JeepformVi åker jeep – They go by jeep, and so is their particular style of larp named. Find out more about jeepform, the jeepformers and download some of their games here.

Imaginary FuneralsA site of insightful game design articles, curated by Avery McDaldno

BWC-Site-IconAvery McDaldno’s site of innovative, awesome games

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