The Game Kitchen is a group of people based around London who are interested in roleplaying game design. The purpose of this group is to meet up and talk about the design of Nordic larp, freeform games (UK and American) and story games, and then – using what we learn from each other, and from what other people have done before us – we’ll create some games. We’ll then share those games, and our conversations about the process, online so that others can learn from what we’re doing.

We know that some of the most interesting developments in game design have come from improv, theatre, storytelling, art and video games so we welcome input from any of those fields. Experience in writing and designing games is not necessary; enthusiasm, open-mindedness and a willingness to experiment are all you need to take part.

As well as maintaining this website, this group will run three different types of events:

1) Workshops. These will be organiser-lead group discussions focused on a particular aspect of game design. These will usually last for three to four hours. Suggestions are always welcome for topics.

2) Game design meetups. These events will usually be in conjunction with a workshop, and will focus on using techniques and design aspects discussed in the workshop to create a larp, freeform or story game. These will usually last for three to four hours, with one or more people with access to a laptop taking notes.

3) Game play meetup. These events will usually be in conjunction with a game design event, although games written by other people will occasionally be run as stand-alone events. These will usually last for three to four hours.


Sounds interesting. How do I sign up?
We’ll post up events as they’re created. If you’re interested in the event, accept the invitation and come along. We’ll explain it all once you get there.

I’ve got a great idea for a Game Kitchen event. How do I set one up?
Post on the group’s Facebook page and if it sounds like the kind of thing our members would be up for, we’ll make it happen.

Can I sell my awesome Game Kitchen game?
All the games we make during Game Kitchen events will be published on this website under the Creative Commons license, so anyone can access them for free.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear GameKitchen,

    We are two artists currently working on an exciting commission for Create London (www.createlondon.org). To develop an alternative or ‘odd guide’ of the Lea River with young people from Spotlight Youth Centre in Langdon Park, London (www.wearespotlight.com) focusing on the themes of Trade, Power and Industry.

    Specifically, we are interested in using Nordic style LARP to revisit the Lea Rivers industrial history and to prompt this group of young people to explore labour relations and working conditions, hierarchy, power struggles, protest and standards of living throughout the rivers rich history. An example of one such event that we are researching is the London Dock Strike of 1888 and the birth of the Dock, Wharf, Riverside and General Labourers Union.

    We have a week workshop planned at Spotlight Youth Centre from Monday 10-14th August 2015 and would like to invite an experienced LARP writer/developer who would come to work with us and the group on one of these days. We do have budget available to cover both travel and fees.

    If you are interested we would love to discuss this further. We would be most grateful if you could post/forward this to anyone you might think would be interested in collaborating with us.

    You can view our work via our website http://www.dashndem.com.

    You can email us on mail@dashndem.com

    We look forward to your response,

    Kind Regards

    Dash & Dem

  2. Hello I’m a game/theatre designer. I’m really interested in coming to one of your sessions. In fact I hear that there is a meet up in the 12th?

    Is this the case?


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