In February 2017 we met in a new venue, the Old King’s Head, a little further up Borough High Street.

IP and rights

We started by talking about an issue that had been raised on the group’s Facebook page. We have a declared policy that any game designed or worked on at a meeting, and any contribution made there, belongs to The Game Kitchen as a whole and should only be published under a commons licence.

It had been pointed out that this was not what was happening in practice: there had been a number of occasions of people bringing along their own ideas that they wanted to work on with the group. It was felt that we didn’t want to discourage this, as helping members get games finished (and maybe published) was also a valuable aim for The Game Kitchen.

A solution was proposed, and agreed by the members present, that when pitching ideas to the group, members should make clear what their ownership status was to be: was it their own project, or was it to be part of the commons? And any commons project should have a designated leader who would look after it in development.

This doesn’t cover the other point made in the Facebook discussion, which was that people might contribute ideas to a Game Kitchen project, and then reuse those same ideas in their own work. It was felt that this was OK (as there are few original ideas anyway), so our choice of licences would have to make clear that this wasn’t prohibited – which wasn’t the case for the current CC-BY-NC-SA licence. It was suggested that perhaps keeping the terms of the commons licence vague and general was the best way forward, so we could proceed on a shared understanding and trust, rather than getting caught up in legalisms.

Family of tourists

An idea pitched by David, about a family being tourists in London – to be played out in real space, travelling around the city, over the course of a whole day. The family comprises a newly-wed couple plus their two sets of parents, with a younger sibling being a GM role responsible for shuttling them around the locations and moving scenes along.

History of a house

An idea of Ruth’s, about the different generations that have lived in a hosue over a long period. There are three scenes – in 1870, 1940 and 2010 (or thereabouts). In the later scenes, characters from the earlier scenes can appear as ghosts. It’s for exactly 12 players, a different third of which have greater narratorial authority over each of the three scenes.


Because physical factors meant that neither of these games could be playtested there and then, that didn’t happen. But both projects got well advanced, and sounded very promising! Hopefully we’ll see some playtesting happening before too long.

Next meeting

Having had a string of design meetings, it felt like about time for some more talk-y ones. So in March, Karolina will lead a discussion about multi-modal character workshops. With lots of exercises and practising and fun stuff!

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