After a brief hiatus The Game Kitchen burst back to life, with a meeting to talk about the group’s future now that founder and leader Cat Tobin has returned to Ireland.

There were several new people as well as old hands, and a good meeting of minds ensued. Mo talked through the history of the group, and Cat’s vision for it. There was a general agreement that a regular fixed-date meeting and an ambit covering talking, designing and playing were desirable.

What was agreed:

  • we’re going to aim to meet on the second Saturday of each month;
  • St Christopher’s Inn and/or the Nursery (the rehearsal space opposite) is to be the default venue;
  • we are open to having events at other locations when that’s more suitable for the particular activity planned, particularly for satellite events (smaller things organized between the main meetings);
  • we will aim to talk about larp theory and practice; to design larps and parts of larps together; to play larps that we’ve developed together, and also our own projects, and also canonical larps and other games that may inform design thoughts (but not all of those at all meetings).

The next meeting will be on Saturday 13th June 2015, to talk about the spectrum of player creative agency vs designer channelling, and to explore that in play.

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